Pressbooks is simple book production software. MacEwan University Library is currently piloting this software mainly to support instructors creating open textbooks as part of an Open Textbook Fellowship Program running June 2019-January 2022.

This initiative will serve as proof-of-concept to inform what additional resources may be needed to sustain an open access book hosting service at MacEwan University.

Works hosted by MacEwan Open Books are done so in accordance with the Library’s Memorandum of Understanding.

For more information about this initiative, please contact openbooks@macewan.ca.

For more information about Pressbooks, see here.

Works Under Development

Available Winter 2022

Leslie Dawson (Anthropology)
Centering Indigenous Oracy: an Interactive Introduction to Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Annetta Latham (Arts and Cultural Management)
Community Arts and Cultural Development and Engagement

Liz Lawson (Art and Design)
ARTE 102/ARTE 104 Textbook (title to be determined)

Natalia Rohatyn-Martin (Special Needs Educational Assistant program)
Inclusive Education: Case Studies for Educational Assistants

Wanhua Su (Mathematics and Statistics)
Introduction to R/R Commander