Pressbooks Training Checklist

After a MacEwan University faculty or staff member submits a MacEwan Open Books Request Form, the librarian overseeing the service will  set up a 1-hour training session to go over the following features and answer any questions or concerns.

Help Resources

☐ MacEwan University Open Textbook Authoring Guide

☐ Pressbooks Tutorials (YouTube)

☐ MacEwan Open Books/Pressbooks Support:

☐ Copyright Support: 

Getting Started

☐ Logging in

☐ Adding Collaborators

☐ Creating a Style Guide

Creating Content

☐ Adding and Editing Chapters

☐ Importing from Word

☐ Content Editing, including Linking Materials

☐ Adding Glossary Terms

☐ Adding Digital Media (images, audio, video)

Copyright Considerations, including Creative Commons

☐ Adding Interactive Content using H5P

☐ Making and Tracking Changes if Adapting an Existing Open Textbook

Getting Your Work Publication-Ready

☐ Adding Book Info Metadata

☐ Creating a Book Cover Image

☐ Accessibility Guidelines

☐ Peer Review Process

Exporting to PDF and Other Formats

☐ Appearance Settings
*We recommend using the Jacobs theme available under Appearance in the left-hand menu after logging in as a book administrator.



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