Waivers or Release Forms

MacEwan University does not hold copyright or intellectual property (IP) rights to any material in the Pressbooks open textbooks site that it administers.

If you are including interviews, profiles or photographs of individuals in your textbook, please follow procedures at MacEwan University on how to handle the waiver or release of rights in connection with personal information or images. Make sure that the waivers are customized to cover the Creative Commons licence that you are applying to your work and that participants are made aware that the material is being licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

For help with release forms please contact copyright@macewan.ca

Taking Photographs and Video in Public Spaces

Note that if you are taking photographs in a public space that includes members of the public you should try to take images that do not identify individuals or get a model release form signed if possible.

Note that a minor may not be able to consent to a use of their image, so you will need parental or guardian consent.

If you are doing a film shoot in a public space it can be helpful to post a sign that lets a member of the public know that you are currently filming and that if they enter into the shot their image might be used, so they can choose to not participate and avoid being filmed.


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