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This guide provides readers with an introduction to creating an entirely new open textbook or adapting an already existing open textbook using Pressbooks software. Readers will also find production tips, accessibility and copyright guidance, and tips on the creation of supplementary materials.

The original B.C. Open Textbook Authoring Guide (archived version) stated that this book is ever evolving. We hope others can reuse parts of our adaptation to produce other institutional authoring guides so this work can continue to evolve.

Please contact digitalscholarship@macewan.ca with questions about this specific resource.

This MacEwan Open Textbook Authoring Guide has been edited and adapted by MacEwan University librarians Robyn Hall, Kymberly Sobchyshyn, and Alison Foster.

This work is an adaptation of the Ryerson Open Textbook Authoring Guide, and its predecessor, the B.C. Open Textbook Authoring Guide created by BCcampus, with some material also incorporated from the Pressbooks User Guide and two other BCCampus open books, the BC Open Textbook Adaptation Guide, and the BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit

Each of these works is licensed under CC-BY 4.0, which allows others to adapt content with attribution given to its original creators.


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MacEwan Open Textbook Authoring Guide by MacEwan University Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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