7.12 Appendix

The appendix is an optional section for most research reports and would not normally be counted in the total number of pages if there is a page limit on the assignment. The appendix is the place to include extra information that would be useful to the reader (or someone who might want to know more details about your study to replicate it). However, it is not essential to the actual report. For example, if you used a questionnaire to find out people’s views on capital punishment, you could include the actual survey in this section. Other documents that would be appropriate for inclusion in an appendix might be a coding instrument or a set of coding rules, a script used by the researcher in an experiment, a consent form, an observation checklist, or some background information distributed to participants.

Appendix Checklist

❏ Includes extra documents that might be of interest to a reader

❏ Begins with the heading “Appendix”, centered at the top of the page

❏ Double-spaced


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