4.1 Introduction to Doing Research in the Library and Online

When doing research, it is important that the sources that you use demonstrate that you understand the topic that you are writing on, and that you have considered how your own work is informed by research done previously by others. This will produce an unbiased and sound paper that can have a meaningful impact on whomever reads it, while also helping to ensure that you get a good grade on whatever assignment you are working on. Finding appropriate sources for academic research in the social sciences requires both time and advanced research skills. It usually involves doing your research through an academic library, either in person or through its website, where you can access a wealth of high-quality information that you would otherwise have to pay for, as well as a variety of services that can help you with your research. The following chapter provides an overview of these services, as well as strategies for finding and evaluating information specific to the social sciences.

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