7.11 Figures

Readers might find it useful if you include figures that show some of the main findings as a graph, chart, or other diagram. Similar to tables discussed in the previous section, you can refer to figures in your results section by noting, “as shown in Figure 1″ and then include actual figures on their own pages at the end of the paper, including figure numbers in bold, and titles in italics below the figure number. Like tables, figures should be aligned to the left of the page. In addition to including an optional note below the figure explaining its content, you may also need to include a legend either within or below the figure image to explain things like shading, symbols, or line styles.

Figures Checklist

❏ Each figure on a separate page thereafter

❏ Aligned to the left margin

❏ Figure number in bold, and title in italics one double-space below

❏ Legend in or below figure explaining shading, symbols or line styles (optional)

❏ Notes section beneath the table explaining contents (optional)

❏ Double-spaced

❏ APA format (unless otherwise noted by your instructor or the editor of a journal)

❏ Limited amount of information

❏ End of your report, if there are no appendices


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