Appendices include illustrations of high-quality course work based on the guidelines provided in this manual by undergraduate students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The sample essay included as Appendix A was written by Rebekah Fortier, Appendix B was written by Melanie Modrall, and Appendix C was created by Brenan Molzahn. “Real-life” skills and accomplishments of former MacEwan students Brittany Davidson, Lori Giampa and Meghan Duffy are also included as examples in Chapter 8 to help other students see how they can translate their own academic and employment-related experiences into information provided as part of their Curriculum Vitae.

Rebekah, Melanie, Brenan, Brittany, Lori and Meghan have graciously permitted us to use their work to illustrate students’ work that demonstrates many of the suggestions provided in this book.


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