13.10 Learning Objectives Revisited

Learning Objectives

As a result of completing this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify situations where simple linear regression should be used (Section 13.1).
  • Explain the main idea of the method of least squares (Section 13.2).
  • Calculate the least-squares fitted line (Section 13.2).
  • Calculate and interpret the correlation coefficient r (Section 13.5).
  • Calculate and interpret the coefficient of determination r2 (Section 13.6).
  • Explain the terms in a simple linear regression model (Section 13.7).
  • Conduct a [latex]t[/latex] test and obtain a [latex]t[/latex] confidence interval for the slope parameter [latex]\beta_1[/latex] (Section 13.8).
  • Explain the difference between confidence intervals and prediction intervals (Section 13.9).
  • Obtain a confidence interval for the conditional mean and a prediction interval for a single response (Section 13.9).


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