Many individuals have made great efforts to create this open textbook. Mr. Jianfei Guan, an instructional designer from the eLearning team at MacEwan University, provided me with a lot of instructional guidance and advice when I developed the online version of STAT 151. Our most tremendous thanks go to Mr. John Fedoruk from MacEwan University and Dr. Hugh Chipman from Acadia University. Mr. Fedoruk is our internal reviewer who has spent over a hundred hours revising the course notes.  Dr. Chipman, our external reviewer, provided a lot of valuable suggestions. Their volunteer work has significantly improved the quality of the book. The most special thanks go to Dylan Miller, our student assistant who published almost all materials on Pressbooks, and Clarissa Mewhort for her work on the image descriptions. We are grateful to Dr. Kathleen Lawry-Batty from MacEwan University, who revised and enriched the lab manual in R Commander and helped create Part B of the homework assignments. Our thanks are also extended to all faculty members and students at MacEwan University who used the course materials for their feedback. Lastly, we thank the “Open Textbook Pilot Project” and FAS Supplementary FD Fund for financial support; our wonderful librarians, Ms. Robyn Hall, Ms. Ali Foster, Dr. Eva Revitt, and Ms. Lori Walter, for their consistent support; our financial analyst Ms. Christine Zielinski for managing the account of this open textbook project; our Scholarly Communications Technician Ms. Penny Chu for substantially improving the quality of this open textbook; and Mr. Blair Moran and Ms. Carol Woo from the Center of Teaching and Learning for help with formatting equations and copy editing.


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